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ProVerde Technology

ProVerde Laboratories are commited to providing high quality analysis with as little impact to the environment as possible. At ProVerde, we think green, and this applies to our technical methodology as well. Our goal is to ensure the most accurate results using the greenest technology, generating hundreds of times less hazardous waste and consuming less energy. 

Cannabinoid Analysis (Ultra-Performance Convergence Chromatography)
Pesticide Analysis (Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography)
Heavy Metal & Elemental Analysis (Inductively-Coupled Plasma - Mass Spec)
Terpene/Residual Solvent/VOC Analysis (Gas Chromatography - FID/MS)
Mycotoxin Analysis (Immuno-Affinity Fluorometric Assay)
Microbiological Analysis (Automated MPN, Enzyme-Linked Fluorescence Assay)
Strain Genetic Identification (Solid-Phase Resversible Imobilization DNA Extraction)

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Medicinal Applications of Cannabidiol