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COVID-19 Update

ProVerde Laboratories has always been comitted to the safety of our laboratory staff, our customers, and their consumers. In the current pandemic, we remain committed to that cause and will continue to provide the top quality service that we have built our reputation on. In order to continue providing service through this difficult time, we have begun implementing some measures that may continue to change with the evolving situation.

  • Order Processing: We will continue to accept orders through our online ordering portal and through on-site delivery. On-site deliveries may be subject to reduced interaction with laboratory staff to limit any potential exposures of our clients and our staff.
  • Customer ServiceOur team is as committed as always to helping our cients understand their results and make the most out of the information we are able to provide.  Many of our employees have been encouraged to work from home when possible. While there will always be someone available by phone to answer your questions and inquiries, you may receive follow ups through email from our staff that is not currently in the laboratory.
  • Certificate Generation: Our staff that is unable to work from home have been encouraged to work in smaller shift rotations of fewer people to practice effective social distancing. This means that turnaround times on data generation may be slightly slower than normal. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and hope you will bear with us in these difficult times.
  • Staff: ProVerde has encouraged any employees that can work from home to do so, and any employees that must be in the laboratory have been put on smaller shifts for effective social distancing. All employees have been encouraged to use their best judgement in making decisions about their health, and any individual that has had potential exposure is being asked to stay home for a period and seek medical advice if necessary.
We are committed to our partners in the cannabis industry and ensuring the success of you and your team. As always, if you have any questions you can call (617) 221-3356 or email [email protected]


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